Our Mission

At ALLIANCE SELECT FOODS INTERNATIONAL, INC., our mission is to manufacture, in partnership with our global customers and local stakeholders, high quality food products from naturally sustainable sources by using globally acknowledged best practices. From only the freshest fish to the finest selection of ingredients, and high quality cans, we aim to provide our customers with the right products at the right price.

It is our vision to select the best that nature has to offer and turn it into healthy food for a growing world.

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Our Company

ALLIANCE SELECT FOODS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (ASFII) is a publicly listed company and one of the leading canned tuna manufacturers in the Philippines. Our factories are located in General Santos City, Philippines and Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. We have a daily capacity of 200 metric tons and our tuna products are currently exported to fifty six (56) countries. Our factories in General Santos City and Bitung are both strategically located in the “tuna highway”, the Western Central Pacific Ocean, where 48 percent of the world’s tuna is harvested. This allows us to provide our customers with the freshest fish at the most competitive prices.

At Alliance Select Foods, we place a premium on excellence through precise and thorough processes to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers. We process and pack the freshest tuna how our customers want it. It can be packed in any media (water, sunflower or soya oil and brine), in any can shape or size, and in any pack style (solid, chunks, flakes). ASFII is recognized by numerous international institutions including the US FDA, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, European Union, European Food Safety Inspection Service, Islamic Da’ Wah Council of the Philippines, Orthodox Union, International Food Standards, and the Earth Island Institute.

We constantly strive to improve and reinvent ourselves and our facilities to provide and assure only the best products for our customers. ASFII has even integrated a state-of-the-art can manufacturing facility in our factory complex. Our can manufacturing plant, First Dominion Can Plant (FDCP), is one of the country’s most modern facilities, providing us an uninterrupted supply of packaging materials.

Our experienced marketing teams are located in Manila and in Bangkok. Our teams’ expansive reach and familiarity with the tuna industry also gives us access to marketing other seafood products globally. With that potential in mind, ASFII acquired a majority stake in New Zealand’s second-largest salmon processing company, Prime Foods New Zealand Ltd (PFNZ) over the past year. Together with PFNZ, ASFII will soon begin producing salmon products in the Philippines to be able to keep up with the worldwide demand for this premium product through its joint venture company Big Glory Bay (BGB) Salmon and Seafood. ASFII is still very keen in investing into other seafood companies to leverage our global market reach. We want to broaden our horizons, not only by diversifying into other seafood products but also by increasing our global reach.

Strategic Location

Known as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines”, General Santos City is adjacent to the Western Central Pacific Ocean, where 48 percent of the world’s tuna is harvested. This allows us to provide you that extra competitive edge.

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